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It consists of the thorough elimination of the hardness, calluses and eyes of cock, as well as the correct cut of nails, inspection of the hydration and possible lesions of the skin, applying the correct sanitary education for the care of your feet

Ingrown toenail

Diagnosis and treatment of infected nails due to improper cutting or trauma. Final solution to avoid repetitions of the problem. Visit our clinical results section to see examples of results


Diagnosis and treatment of the human papillomavirus that appears in the foot, carrying out a personalized treatment to the patient, without pain and without need of sick leave. Visit our Results section to see clinical examples results


Silicone orthosis to relieve friction, anatomical alterations of the foot, such as claw or hammer toes

Diabetic foot

Care and monitoring of wounds, ulcers, badly cut nails ... Visit our results section to see clinical examples results

Templates for children and adults

Experts in the development of templates and in the study of the march for the treatment of the different pathologies that appear in the foot, such as flat foot, valgus foot, foot dig, supinated foot, equine foot ... We have the best advanced tools of diagnosis. Study of the tread in step (dynamic), Posturology, Analysis in static. We work with all kinds of materials and the most innovative, using the most appropriate to the pathology diagnosed. We offer a guarantee of follow-up and subsequent modifications so that the final result is as expected


The Kinesiotape Bandage in neurological affections, is a very useful treatment tool, with very good results that has few contraindications and side effects, and that also has the characteristic that is compatible with any other type of treatment

Onychogyphosis / Thickened nail

It is the thickening of the nail plate, which grows in the form of a horn with transverse grooves on the surface of the nail in the manner of a conch shell. It is a disease of the nail, more frequent than you can think. It affects mainly elderly and elderly people since it is linked to circulatory deficiencies much more frequent in elderly people.


Mycosis of skin is a type of disease caused by the presence of fungi on the skin, which generates itching, redness and peeling and can reach any region of the body, being more frequent in the summer, since heat and sweat favor the multiplication of fungi that inhabit the skin, causing infection

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