Podiatric Clinic

Los Pies de Oro

"We believe that close treatment of the patient must be an essential part of the treatment"

Hardnesses, Calluses, Papillomas, Silicones, Custom Templates, Incarnated Nails, Diabetic Foot, STUDY AND ANALYSIS OF FOOT ... CONSULT OUR SERVICES


In our clinic you will find a team of podiatrists dedicated to the treatment of different pathologies and foot surgery. Here you will find a therapeutic space where a human and professional work in the Madrid . Professionals dedicated to treatments aimed at prevention and comprehensive foot care such as hardness, papillomas, ingrown nails, silicones, customized templates, diabetic foot, which can be found in more detail in the services section. Our clinic has the most advanced technology in equipment for the care of your feet and diagnosis. In your treatment, you will feel in good hands, since all the sanitary instruments go through the most powerful approved sterilization equipment in the current market. We also have access to people with wheelchairs in all our facilities. For any questions, don´t doubt to contact us through by mail:consulta@lospiesdeoro.com

We are in:

Calle Diego Manchado, 25 Local
Madrid, 28038
Teléfono: 912562349
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